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Travel Blogging In 2021

travel blogging

The travel industry took a major hit in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but things are starting to pick up again in 2021. More people have gotten a taste of the flexibility of working remotely, and a year of limited travel means that more people will be getting out as countries open up. It’s important to create a travel blog that can be successful and survive even during a time of limited travel.

Know Your Audience

Having a niche or focus is key for a successful travel blog, no matter what year it is. Writing what you know, to an audience you are familiar with (maybe they’re the same age group that you are in) will make your blog relatable and keep readers coming back to your site. Whether it’s the best travel tech, or how to travel with pets,  if 2020 taught travel bloggers anything, it’s that we’ve had to get creative with our content. Finding a theme that you can post about whether you are traveling internationally or locally will save you the stress of trying to figure things out if the world shut down again.


Networking is important in most fields of work, and blogging is one of those fields. The Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) travel blogging conference usually has several conferences every year, all around the world. It’s a one-stop shop to meeting fellow bloggers face-to-face, and a great way to set up future collaboration with other travel bloggers.

Set Goals

Setting travel blogging goals is an essential way to ensure you’ll be consistent and make progress with your travel blog. Whether your aim is to continue a regular posting schedule, or have more meetups, setting realistic, attainable goals will keep you motivated.

Quality Is Key – Do Your Research!

Never sacrifice quality for quantity. Your posts should be original and interesting, and you shouldn’t aim to post everyday if the quality of articles starts to go down. Having a voice in your writing and creating consistent, structured posts will help your blog grow.

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