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A Review Of Networking Awesomely By Colin Wright

networking awesomelyThe ebook Networking Awesomely by Colin Wright is a well written and entertaining read, designed to teach you how to leverage one of the most powerful blogging tools at your disposal, networking. At around 250 pages, the ebook covers many of the major topics related to networking and how you can tweak your approach to make the most out of many social situations. Networking Awesomely isn’t an ebook about travel blogging specifically, but many of  the lessons and advice are easily transferable.

Depth Of Networking

For $20, Networking Awesomely is unlikely to give most travel bloggers any completely new insights or aspects of networking, yet in the pages of its wide reach, the ebook’s strength is in its depth. Networking Awesomely strives to drive home the point that like any other aspect of blogging, it requires planning, setting goals, and maintenance. I was actually surprised at the level of planning Colin, and many of the contributing authors, take their networking methodology.

Networking Awesomely also includes some tips from several other bloggers (I add a few lines as well), writers, and entrepreneurs giving insight into just how connected the travel blogging community is with many other online industries. You might not be aware of how close you are to some of these people online and many are looking to make new contacts – an unadvertised, but yet another advantage of picking up a copy.

Mostly A Fun Ride

Networking Awesomely starts strong and then tends to meander from its focus in the final quarter. Despite the slow ending, Colin takes you on a fun ride of networking in person, making connections online, and his methodology on organizing all of your social contacts. For those of you looking to learn more about the art or breadth of networking, you’ll find Networking Awesomely by Colin Wright an enlightening read.

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