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STA Travelbuzz Linking Program

chain linkThis is a guest post by Amar Hussain from GapYearEscape.com. He is a freelance writer currently traveling round the world documenting his experiences. GapYearEscape’s aim is to inform, inspire and entertain. Amar is currently a STA Explorer for STA Travelbuzz.

When I first heard about STA Travelbuzz I actually thought it was too good to be true. I remember thinking there has to be some sort of catch. What’s the deal here? I’ve been an STA Explorer for six months under the name Gap Year Go Getter. I still have both my kidneys and my soul is still my own (I think). Let me fill you in.

STA Travelbuzz is a tribe of travelers ranging from college graduates to career-gappers. It’s a friendly community centered on what we all know and love; travel.

You are probably wondering what a STA Explorer actually does. Nothing. If you have your own travel blog anyone can become an STA Explorer. It’s free and you continue blogging like you normally would. The writers over at STA Travelbuzz will then subscribe to your blog and post about individual posts on the Travelbuzz blog.

So as a travel blogger how does this help you? The perks to becoming an STA Explorer are enormous. The biggest perk of all is that you will become affiliated with one of the biggest global travel brands: STA Travel. Other perks include; a bigger online presence, increased readership and subscriber base and additional backlinks. The good people over at STA Travelbuzz also happen to be word of mouth, social media and viral marketing experts. You will be in good hands.

Finally, STA Travelbuzz is a great platform for launching a new or undiscovered websites into the blogosphere. There are some very talented writers and STA Explorers. Check out the STA Explorer section for undiscovered talent. If you want to know more or become a STA Explorer head over to STA Travelbuzz.

STA Travelbuzz basically writes posts about your travel blog posts and asks you to put a link or place a widget back to their site, but it’s not required. I haven’t tried the program myself but the links come from a PageRank 5 site which can be hard to come by. If you’ve tried or have any information about the program, I’d like to hear your thoughts as well.

[photos by: rubybgold]

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  • Nicole June 24, 2011, 10:06

    Just thought I’d let you know that (sadly) STA Travelbuzz has now shut down.

    • Anil P. June 30, 2011, 10:30

      Sorry to hear that – anything else on the horizon?

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