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Why You Should Start A Travel Blog

Assuming you’ve asked yourself, should I start a travel blog, there are several good reasons to start one. A travel blog is not only a good place to document your travels but a great way to connect with other travelers. If you’ve been wondering why you should start a travel blog or why there are so many travel bloggers out there below are some of the biggest reasons you should join the community and start a travel blog.

1. Document Your Travels

A travel blog is a good way for frequent travelers to keep their friends and family up-to-date with pictures and posts as they travel the world. Travel blogs are only good tools to keep in touch and create an online record of your travels as long as you keep updating and maintaining your travel blog however. A travel blog can be a one stop place where people find out what you’re up to and get in touch easily without you having to email everyone individually.

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2. Meet The Travel Community

There are a lot of travel bloggers online and you’ll discover that once you have your own travel blog. The travel community is generally an open and friendly bunch who will bring your posts to life with comments and motivate your with their own stories. You may also find some travel bloggers in your area or along your route that you can connect with and meet, adding another aspect to your trip.

Travel bloggers are also a great resource to find out about your next destination and have your travel questions answered. You’ll also be a part of this community and able to help others too!

3. Potential To Monetize

You probably won’t get rich off of your travel blog but you can have it make some money for you (here are a number of good ways to make money with your travel blog). Monetizing your travel blog can bring in a small amount of extra money that you can use to fund different things on your travels. It can’t hurt to monetize – at worst you won’t make any money, but not monetizing guarantees that.

Also, if you’ve got travel-related side businesses, work in the travel industry, or want to showcase your relevant creative work (i.e. photography) a travel blog is an excellent networking tool. You can have your travel blog work for you and grow your online presence. This isn’t a direct method to making money like Google’s Adsense but can benefit your interests down the line.

There are plenty of other good reasons why you should start a travel blog but keep in mind documenting a single trip isn’t one of them. A travel blog is an excellent networking tool that can ultimately make you a better and wiser traveler. You’ll learn from the growing online community of travel bloggers and enhance it as well with your own travel blog.

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